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Staying Engaged, Active, and Creative During COVID-19

Posted by Ryan Maione on Mar 25, 2020 5:26:26 PM

As clubs are creatively adjusting their operations and communications, it's impressive to see everyone's dedication to carry on the club spirit. Being faced with wholesale changes, such as transforming to a takeout business, adapting facilities to limit exposure, and adjusting communications on the fly, were just a few of last week's challenges. Your ability to show your membership how resilient and dedicated you are during this period proves the value of membership and will set your organization up for success after this health crisis subsides.

As we continue to adjust to the short-term norm of practicing social distancing, it will undoubtedly create new opportunities to show your creative side. We have seen a large increase in website traffic over the past two weeks. Know that members are using your website now more than ever before. To assist in getting your creative juices flowing, we have outlined positive and (mostly free) projects that you and your organization can work on. These tasks will focus on further engaging your members, keeping you active on the platform, and outline ways to become more creative. The best part? You can do it any time and any place!

Ways to remain Engaged, Active, and Creative.

Also, please visit our Resource Center to see how you can further communicate with your members during this time.

Please know MembersFirst, as always, is here to assist you through this time. We are eager to help you leverage your website's tools, as we understand that communication is a critical part of your club's ongoing community. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how your organization can utilize our tools throughout this unconventional time.

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