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Posted by Ryan Maione on Jul 14, 2016 12:00:00 AM

As you know, building content and email communications from scratch can be time-consuming, and to help minimize your workload, we’ve always offered a good selection of templates to help with this process. I say "good" and not "great" purposefully, because we've always wanted to improve our current offering. That's why I’m really excited to tell you about our GREAT new library of over 600 fully responsive templates; all of which are available today within our global library on the admin side.

We went back and redesigned all of our templates so that no matter what device your members view their emails on (Phone, Tablet, Desktop), or if they’re viewing content which uses our template on the club’s MembersFirst Mobile site, they’re going to look great! We’ve even made two versions of each template; one with the image at the top and an alternate, mirrored version with the image at the it’s really like getting more than 1,200 new templates in total! Header photo templates are labeled with just a number (e.g. Fitness 1, Fitness 2) and the footer photo versions of those exact templates are labeled with a number + “B” (e.g. Fitness 1B, Fitness 2B.) We have also created several custom footer templates which have a background color that fades into a footer photo. These are labeled as “CF” (e.g. Fitness 1 CF.)

In addition to all the great new templates we’ve created, we’ve also made them easier to find. We have renamed the templates to include both general and specific keywords in the titles, helping you to search the library more easily. For example, the template named “Golf (Pro Shop Sale)” would appear in a search for “pro shop” and “sale” as well as a general search for “golf.” To produce more targeted search results, thought was put into what keywords are used for searches. Previously, a search for “men” would produce results for “men” and “women” so all references to “women” and “woman” have been changed to “ladies.” These are small changes, but it’s a great example of how we’re really diving deep into our products to make small yet impactful changes for all of our valued clients.

I’m excited about all of the work our team has done on the new template library, and hopefully you will be too. So go check them out! If you have additional suggestions we're always here at

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