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Step Up Your Email Design Game! New Enhancements in MembersFirst EBuilder

Posted by Victoria Burns on Jul 12, 2023 7:53:07 PM
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At MembersFirst, our aim is to simplify your tasks. Our EBuilder tool was designed to make email design easy for you. We've added more features to the EBuilder to simplify and quicken your work!

Say Hello to Content Style Presets

No more manual styling for each piece of content. Set up your preferred styles once, apply them easily, and ensure brand consistency.

One of the significant enhancements we're introducing is Content Style Presets. This new feature streamlines the design process by allowing you to create and save your own custom-style presets. These presets can include a variety of styling options like colors, fonts, sizes, and more. Once you set up a custom preset, you can apply it to your content with a single click, saving you from the hassle of manual styling every time. Navigate to the brand new "EBuilder Content Styles" module to start creating your custom style presets.

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More about Content Styles

Kickstart Your Design with Default and Saved Rows

Never worry about a blank canvas again. Use our pre-built Default Rows or create and save your own rows for repeated use.

Default Rows are pre-built sections that you can easily insert into your design. On the other hand, Saved Rows allows you to save a custom row or section of your template for future use, perfect for elements like headers and footers that appear across multiple templates. You can find these features under the "Rows" menu from the sidebar. These new features will speed up your design process and spur creativity.

Explore our Global Templates

Jumpstart your email layout with MembersFirst Global EBuilder Templates. Copy and customize them to fit your brand's needs.

These professionally designed templates are intended to provide you with a quick starting point or general inspiration for your email layout. They can be easily viewed, copied, and customized to suit your brand and needs. You can access these templates from the Global EBuilder Templates library. We'll continue to add new templates periodically, expanding this valuable resource for our users.

More about using Global Templates

Elevate your design process 

New around here? Schedule a demo to witness the efficiency of our EBuilder. For our current MembersFirst users, sign up for our complimentary training to master the new features.

Begin your streamlined email design journey today!

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