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Staying Educated While Social Distancing

Posted by Chris Gaumnitz on Apr 6, 2020 9:49:49 AM

Our teachers are incredible! They are learning to teach virtually to keep our country educated and everyone has greater respect for the work that they do. In fact, some of our own team are juggling work and teaching/daycare responsibilities at the same time (note: this is a lot harder than our normal jobs.) We've seen how important continued education is at a time like this and, as such, we've ramped up our training webinars during the month of April so you can continue to be educated on the software your members depend on.

April Webinars

Getting Started with MembersFirst

This webinar is geared toward new administrative users and includes a comprehensive overview that applies to any club website—public, private and administrative areas. MembersFirst will review each area in detail and explain how the website is built, along with what a club administrator has the power to change.

Posting Content on your Website

Information can be posted in a variety of ways; however, the focus of this webinar will center around the primary content applications, including Storage Libraries, Announcements, Inserts and Calendar Events.

Event Registration

This webinar will take a deeper dive into Event Registrations. We will review the countless ways an event can be configured for online registration that works the way your organization needs it to.

Member Communications

MembersFirst will explore how to communicate with the membership, which includes targeted communications, push notifications and automated recurring messages. We'll also explore how to create a compelling message using the Responsive Email Builder or Global Responsive Content Templates.

Please know MembersFirst will continue, as always, to assist you through this time. If you haven't already, please read our article on how to help you remain Engaged, Active, and Creative and visit our Resource Center to see how you can further communicate with your members during this time.

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