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Simplifying Admin Creation

Posted by Janet Eichhorn on Apr 22, 2021 2:00:15 PM
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Many clubs customize permissions for each of their administrators to keep access more secure, and on an “as needed” basis. What you may not know is that there’s an easier way: Administrator Roles.

Why should you consider replacing your individual custom administrators with Administrator Roles?

  • It’s more granular - You will have the ability to further define access for creation, editing, or deletion. 
  • It’s easier and faster - Set it and forget it! Once you initially define what access points a role has, you simply attach the role to the administrator.  No fumbling around to ensure you have set up each individual correctly. 
  • It’s more secure - Everyone is busy; it’s easy to grant access where you shouldn’t when each and every administrator has a unique setup.  Here you can keep things consistent by simply populating one field vs. going through a pile of settings to customize every single admin. 

It all starts with thinking about the various roles/access points you need, which may include roles such as General Manager, Golf Pro, Front Desk or all-encompassing Admin. Then take the next step of either reviewing our Learning Center, where you can find step by step instructions, watch the video outlining the process or reach out directly to your specific Client Services Manager for one on one assistance.  

We guarantee setting this up now will save you time, streamline future hires, and avoid inappropriate access down the road, therefore making your data more secure.

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