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New Website Drives 75 Membership Inquiries in Less Than 60 Days

Posted by Trevor Coughlan on Jan 12, 2010 12:00:00 AM

Robert Trent Jones Golf Club en route to meeting 2010 membership sales goals.

Wayland, MA - January 12, 2010 ‐ Even with the venerable Robert Trent Jones as your designer and namesake, wowing prospective members on the Internet requires a compelling and engaging online experience. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Club (RTJ) is a truly unique experience amongst the courses that Jones built throughout his illustrious career. To capture the novelty, grandeur and appeal the course affords its members, RTJ turned to MembersFirst®, the online marketer of choice for more than 700 distinguished clubs across the country, to create a brilliant online experience.

Given the importance and visibility of this project, we researched numerous vendors and explored all of our options. In the end, it was clear MembersFirst® not only provided the highest quality service and design, but offered our club the greatest understanding of our business challenges and opportunities, stated Glenn Smickley, Chief Operating Officer at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club. Having been nickel-and-dimed for years by our previous vendor, it's been refreshing to have a true partner who is focused on helping us achieve our goals.

As an exclusive club, RTJ wanted a site that accurately reflected the uniqueness of the Club and leveraged it as a sales and marketing tool. In the first two months since launching the new website, Robert Trent Jones Golf Club received over 75 new membership inquiries. It comes to a certain point when you simply need to invest in your club and the marketing of it, added Smickley. Our new site is a huge upgrade from where it was and is already having a positive and measurable impact. And, it's only going to get better with time.

RTJ, which caters to members across the country and around the world, wanted to build an online community that enabled members to personalize their online experience, and facilitate social interaction among and between them. With industry studies demonstrating that over 90% of new members leave after the first year because they don't connect with other club members, a focus on new member retention is a key part of RTJ's strategy.

The reaction to our new online member community has been overwhelmingly positive. Our members are leveraging the social aspects of the site to meet other members and get more engaged with events at the club, boasts Patrick B. Higbie, vice president at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club. Our new website is a core component of our marketing and retention strategy. Being able to address both with a single solution is one of the many unique benefits we've gained from selecting and working with MembersFirst®.

We couldn't be happier with the results RTJ has achieved in such a short period of time, states John Caron, Vice President of Sales and Market Development at MembersFirst®. RTJ wanted a solution, not just a product. They wanted a partner, not just a vendor. And, they wanted to replicate the uniqueness of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club experience online. We are thrilled that we've not only met, but exceeded, their expectations.

About Robert Trent Jones Golf Club

Robert Trent Jones Golf Club provides a total Member experience that is second to none. The course architect and patriarch, Robert Trent Jones, Sr., set the bar high by creating his masterpiece from a special parcel on Lake Manassas that he considered to be the best golf course land he'd ever seen. The vision for the Club was crafted by its founding Trustees who insisted that every detail of the facility and the service be first-class. They shared the vision with the founding Members and instilled it in the staff in an enduring way. Members and their guests enjoy the fruits of the founders' vision, The RTJ Experience, every time they visit the Club and it never gets old. It feels just as good on the 100th visit as on the first.

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