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Exploring the New Admin Tee Sheet Experience

Posted by Kevin Baer on Jun 2, 2023 1:33:15 PM
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Our team has been working to enhance the user experience and optimize the functionality of the MembersFirst Admin Tee Sheet. We have revamped features, improved navigation, and created a sleek design for ease of use for all golf operations. Let's dive in! 

Streamlined Navigation

Say goodbye to complex menus and endless clicks with MembersFirst! We understand the importance of intuitive navigation, which is why we have redesigned the Admin Tee Sheet to provide a seamless user journey. With our simplified menu structure and strategically placed buttons, you'll effortlessly navigate through the software, making your tasks more efficient than ever before. View our Learning Center article to get an inside look. 

Tee Sheet Calendar View

Enhanced Dashboard

A clean and organized dashboard is the heart of any software. Our new Admin Tee Sheet boasts a refreshed dashboard that presents all the vital information at a glance. With customizable elements and informative summaries, you can now gain insights into tee time bookings, member profiles, and other key data in a single view. Stay in control and make informed decisions effortlessly. 

  1. Simplified calendar: One of the key improvements is the updated calendar view, which now displays a single week at a time instead of three months. This change ensures that you have a clear and focused view of the upcoming week, regardless of the current day. The current day is highlighted in a vibrant blue color and is conveniently positioned in slot one on the left side, ensuring easy visibility and accessibility.
    Tee Sheet Date Slider
    To navigate through different weeks, you can utilize the arrow buttons located on the left and right sides of the calendar. This enables you to move forward or backward one week at a time, providing seamless control over your tee time scheduling.

    We have also introduced a handy 'Today' button, allowing you to quickly load the tee sheet for the current day with just a single click. This feature saves you time and ensures that you can effortlessly manage your tee times in real time.

  2. Modern and Intuitive Design: First impressions matter, and we want your experience with the Admin Tee Sheet to be visually appealing and user-friendly to save you time. That's why we have invested in a modern, intuitive design that is easy on the eyes. Our sleek interface not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures an efficient user experience, making your day-to-day tasks more enjoyable.

  3. Enhanced Tee Time Management: Efficiently managing tee times is crucial for any club. We have refined the Tee Time Management functionality of our Admin Tee Sheet to empower you with greater control and flexibility. Easily schedule, modify, and assign tee times to ensure a smooth flow of play while also accommodating member preferences and requests effortlessly.

We hope this has given you a sneak peek into the exciting new updates of our Admin Tee Sheet. Our software is designed to elevate your private club's efficiency and golf staff satisfaction with streamlined navigation, an enhanced dashboard, a modern design, and improved tee time management.

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